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more art ?

2015-03-07 19:53:45 by Knafomania

Hey friends 
I Keep my high res pictures on this site and i dont wanna spam here with daily sketches 
i also post daily sketches on Instegram and Twitter i would love to have youre support there too [[: thank you all and have the best weekend ever !



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2015-03-08 00:52:10

Just how many drawings do you pop out in a day? this sketches are awesome as well.

You should do full scale comics , if you already did , link that stuff !

Knafomania responds:

hey there i go to an art school at the moment so i draw between 10-15 hours a day some times
some of it is long drawings but i always do warm ups sketches or just show part of the page i'm drawing , its a lot easier to just take a quick photo with the phone and instagram it. i post here the high res finished piece when i remember to lol
so much homework i lose track sometime [[:
check the sketches here let me know what u think [[:


2015-05-20 04:54:48

Your talent is out of this world! You really are a hidden gem waiting to be discovered.

Knafomania responds:

wow thank u so much [[:
sorry i dont post here often u can look up more of my art work here i post everyday [[:
thanks again


2015-08-14 18:59:13

you said you moved to the states to become a comic book artist, im a new fan and wanted to know if you planned to release any pilot/series prospects and if you will be posting them here or on another site, ty.

Knafomania responds:

hey thanku so much [[: i do post a lot more on Instegram/facebook almost daily on Instegram so u can see more there
i'm going to a comic book school here in the State's so i hope to have some of my story done by the ebd of this year...and hopefully get more gigs other then just my own stories cuz i love drawing other people stories more then mine [:


2015-11-19 01:37:06

Your art is amazing, I reckon you should make a Tumblr account haha

Knafomania responds:
i even post there more often [[:


2015-11-24 14:18:01

You do good work. Keep it up and never stop trying to improve.